Frequently asked questions

Will BeaYOU Hair Growth Serum leave my hair feeling oily or heavy?

No, the BeaYOU Hair Growth Serum is a light weight and should be applied directly to the scalp.

Is there a difference in the different products for women, men, and kids ?

All three are made with the same Ingredients , but each one is desinged dfferently. Kids serum is a little lighter in weight than the Women and Men

If I mix hair growth serum with chemicals , will it change the formula ?

BeaYOU Hair Growth Serum up to 1oz will not alter any chemical forumaltion results. The serum simply adds a layer of protection for the hair during the process.

What age can kids start using the serum?

We sugeest that kids start using the BeaYOU Hair Growth Serum at around 6 months.Start by using 1 drop and massaging into their scalp.

Which essential oil should I choose?

Peppermint Works as a Moisturizer Adds Hydration to Scalp Controls Dandruff Flakes Promotes Hair Growth Lavender Reduces stress in scalp Boost Hair Growth Reduces Excessive Shedding Calms the body Tea tree Fights Dandruff Relieves Scalp irritations Boost Hair Growth Antibacterial